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Olympus Tough TG Tracker Review

The Olympus Tough TG-Tracker is a great new option for scuba and freedivers alike. Olympus packed many amazing features and established Olympus quality into this compact waterproof camera. Although the camera’s primary purpose is high-quality video, producing 4K quality, it also takes great photos. It is truly an all purpose camera!

The camera can go down to 100 feet, which is typically the deepest most recreational divers venture. And the best part is there is no need to worry about cleaning a housing after your dive is done. This minimizes the risk of flooding the camera, which was a big plus in our book! Now we just grab our camera and head out to the ocean.

Exploring the O. I Track app

The logging features included in this camera are amazing. It is so cool to be able to track not only where you are with the GPS features, but also to log depth. Switch the camera on and the GPS feature begins to track. A marker notes when you take a photo or video. For those that love to see where they were while getting the turtle selfie turn on the log and start moving. The O. I Track app shows you where you’ve been and what depth you visited. Super cool!

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