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Ice Ice Baby

We I'm nearing the end of my snowboarding trip to Tignes. It's all downhill from here....

But seriously it's been great.

Selby Sub Aqua Club have had a couple of outings since I've been away.

Last week they got the boat out for a run at Bridlington.

I think the old dear is in need of a bit of TLC though after being helped back to shore 😔

And this weekend as i muse, the guys are heading up to Eyemouth or the Farnes (senior moment).

As my head turns back to diving I find myself contemplating a wee dook in the lake... Or to be more precise, under the ice on the lake....

It's a tad expensive but you never know... Watch this space. In the meantime, have a gander at the link below

Ice Diving in Tignes

Have a great weekend

#diveselby #selbysubaquaclub #divingforfunforeveryone

Selby Sub Aqua Club Learn to Dive @DiveSelby

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